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Hikers can stroll through the scenic Northwoods of Wisconsin on hundreds of miles of tree-lined trails in Vilas County. Find your new favorite trail today.

Gril hiking with her dog on Trampers Trail

There’s no single hike that defines Vilas County, and that’s what makes hiking here so special. On any given day, on a single trail, you can experience so much. You can stroll through old-growth forests and experience what life was like in northern Wisconsin long before European settlers arrived. You can follow the rocky shore of an undeveloped lake and watch an eagle hunt for food. You can silently stroll on a carpet of fallen needles, and witness a doe and its fawns cross your path.

Experiences like these draw hikers to Vilas County, year after year. With 240,000 acres of public land to explore, every outing is an opportunity for new adventure in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

The trails are easy to find. Our Map It Vilas County trails app works without a cell signal and is the perfect companion for a trip out on the trails.

Vilas County has all the amenities you need to relax at the end of the trail, including cozy restaurants, cafes and supper clubs that are great places to rest the legs and toast a perfect day in the wilderness. And Vilas County retailers have all the apparel and hiking gear you’ll need for a hiking adventure.

You’ll also find plenty of lodging located near trailheads so you can spend as much time as you wish exploring the forest.

Plan your Vilas County hiking adventure today!


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