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What to do in early winter in Vilas County


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There's plenty to do in the early months of winter in Vilas County, from ice fishing to snowshoeing to relaxing by a fire in a cozy cabin.

Ice fishing in Vilas County

Don’t stand around waiting for a blizzard—there’s so much to do right now in Vilas County!

Early December is an outstanding time for ice fishing in northern Wisconsin. The fresh new ice is all that separates you from some very hungry panfish, pike, and walleye. In Vilas County, there are 1,300 lakes to choose from, so start jigging.

Early winter is also a good time to hit the trails in the Northwoods. Hiking in the wintertime is peaceful and the scenery can be surprisingly beautiful. If the snow is deep enough, slip on your snowshoes for a quiet trek through the forest.

The most reliable of all winter activities is relaxing. Spend some time visiting the shops and restaurants in the twelve charming communities of Vilas County.  Or, warm up beside the fire at your resort or cabin.

When is the best time to visit Vilas County this winter? Right now! Now, grab your ice fishing gear and snowshoes and head on up.