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It’s always supper club season in Vilas County


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Don't miss the classic supper club experience at iconic institutions across Vilas County.

Supper club season

Vilas County is the perfect place to enjoy a classic Wisconsin dining experience—we’re home to some of the best supper clubs in northern Wisconsin! Sample a fish fry in the same ambiance that lumber barons once enjoyed or savor a steak in a lodge that was the haunt of famous 1930s gangsters. No matter what you order, your meal in Vilas County will be timeless and delicious.

Get a table

Delicious supper clubs are located throughout Vilas County. Check out our community sites and you’re sure to find a nearby place to try.

Supper clubs can be busy places, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. If you can, arrive early. Put your name in and order a drink at the bar. Consider the classic Wisconsin beverage–the Old Fashioned. Sour or sweet, olives or fruit? The choice is yours. Or, just ask the bartender to make it a classic. You won’t be disappointed.

Consider your choices

When you sit and browse the menu, you’ll be confronted with some difficult choices. Fish fry? Prime rib? Ribs? Steak? There are so many options and they are all very, very good. Whatever you order, be sure to bring an appetite: the portions will be substantial.

Save room

When the server asks, have your answer ready: yes, you do want to see the dessert menu! Undoubtedly, there will be a slice of something heavenly with your name on it, but you may want to consider a treat served in a glass. Is there any better way to end a meal than an ice cream drink? Go for the grasshopper!

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